I Never

It’s definitely safe to say that you do not know what to expect once you become pregnant.  No matter how much you’ve read, or how many friends or family members have been pregnant.  In the spirit of the college drinking game, I Never, I decided to compile a list of things I never thought I’d do (Feel free to grab an egg nog, hot toddy, or rum-spiced cider and play along. I know I could use a glass of wine right now!)

  • I never went to school (college, graduate, or otherwise) 8 months pregnant
  • I never broke a bone… while pregnant
  • I never had surgery … while pregnant
  • I never peed while sneezing
  • I never ate so many graham crackers in a single sitting (cravings, much??)
  • I never sleep with more than one pillow (current count is three… only one for my head)
  • I never had a problem touching my toes (or painting them, or putting lotion on them, or tying my shoes)
  • I never have gotten mad at completely irrational things (sorry, Chris!)
  • I never have felt so blessed, excited, and anxious all at once!

Coming up… a pic of me at 35 weeks. I’m scared!

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  1. Ha ha ha! I'm right there with ya…but only for a few more hours! I'm being induced in the morning! So, I'm a little scared too! I totally know how you feel! 🙂


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