So Close Yet So Far

Here I am at the edge of 38 weeks pregnant.  Theoretically I’m due two weeks from tomorrow, but anyone who’s known any pregnant woman in their life knows that this is truly just an estimate. Walt could decide to make a New Year’s appearance, or he could take his own sweet little time and skate right past the Jan. 14 due date (please help me now).

At the end of the day, we’re ready.  We’re waiting for a curtain rod to hang some valence’s in Walt’s room, but that certainly isn’t a necessity for his arrival. I even have my hospital bags packed:

I guess the last thing we have is putting the car seats in the cars. This has been delayed in my car since I witnessed my squeaky clean new car get crunched in a parking lot on Monday.  UGH.  Someone driving a Grand Marquis got too close on a parking space on the passenger side and scraped the back of my car.  The short story is he just moved back from Maui and was driving his mom’s car and didn’t have insurance handy. Sounds like the beginning of a disaster, but after some persistent phone calls, I was able to get his mom’s insurance information and I think we’re headed toward repair. Still — what a pain in the rear. 

In closing, I have a picture of me at 37 weeks (last week).  I’ll post a pic per week, but I’m not sure it’s changing dramatically.  Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

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  1. Queen B says:

    You look ready 🙂 Love your hair (I know that must be of utmost concern right now). Geez…. the whole foot thing and then car accident weeks prior to due date?! This has definitely been a crazy pregnancy!


  2. Allie E. says:

    Hey there! You look adorable! I am sure you are so ready to meet Walt. Lots of good wishes in the coming days – I'll be thinking about you, so keep us updated!


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