How does two weeks feel like two months?

Last Saturday (Jan. 22) was Walt’s two-week birthday. Oftentimes, Chris and I have to remind ourselves that Walt is *just* 16 days old.  Spending day and night closely attached to the little man sure makes it seem longer than that (in a very good way).  In addition, I feel like he is changing rapidly everyday.  I’m certain it’s stuff only interesting to Chris and myself, so I’ll spare you mundane details.

We saw Dr. G today for our two-week check-up and Walt got A+’s across the board.  He must know that his mommy is a do-gooder.  He weighs 9lbs 6 oz (a whopping pound above his birth weight, which doc said is awesome. He looks for babies to gain back their birth weight… Walt added a pound!)  Walt hasn’t grown any in length. He’s sitting pretty at 21 inches long.

One of the things Dr. G wants us to do is try out some tummy time. We did that today and I’m impressed with how strong he is! (Reality check: this tummy time lasted all of five minutes, but I was still easily entertained).

I’ll share some other random shots of the booger.  I have quickly realized I could care less about getting in front of the camera. As a matter of fact, I can count the number of pics of Walt and me on one hand. I’ll work on that.

Chillin’ with Dad on the couch

Tummy time — first attempt. Couldn’t quite get our head up (despite lots of encouragement from Dad!)

I get this look a lot when he’s awake. He’s becoming aware of the nutty mom he’s stuck with 🙂

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  1. Queen B says:

    such a cutie pie! love his blankets 🙂 keep the updates coming!!


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