Update on the foot/ankle… Four Months

Though I have lots of things to say about Walt, I decided to write a bit about my foot and ankle.  As you might recall, I had a lovely falling down incident when I was 23 weeks pregnant and broke my foot and tore several ligaments in my ankle (nice going, slick).

So, here I am four months since the surgery.  What’s completely wild about the experience is the minute I gave birth to Walt, my pain/soreness/swelling almost disappeared.  I did a month of pretty intense physical therapy and got to where I could walk without a brace, but still couldn’t wear many shoes besides sneakers or some flat boots I had bought.  Every time I got out of bed was the most painful. I had to sort of “walk it out” to get around without limping.

By some insane miracle, I have ZERO pain or even soreness now.  Sometimes when I stretch out my ankle it’s a bit tight, but NOTHING compared to what I felt.  I have some pics of the scars and what I’m left with…

Side-by-Side.  The bad foot is on the left.  Notice the ankle bone sticks out a bit more and the side of my foot definitely has a bump. BUT — it’s not swollen!

Here are the scars! The ankle one actually looks pretty good. The foot one is a little bumpy.

Version 2 of scars

So, there you have it! I see running in my future, which is a beautiful thing. I was skeptical for sure!

And because I can’t resist, here’s a pic of the monster

We call this his Glamour Shot. He loves to have his hands by his face 🙂

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  1. Queen B says:

    he's so cute 🙂

    Loving the pedi! Somehow it makes me think of beaches and sandals on such a snowy day!


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