I survived the business trip!


I am minutes away from getting to see my little Munka after being gone for almost four days!  Before I had Walt, I didn’t travel for work a lot, but I definitely traveled some.  I’d say probably 6-8 trips a year.  When I returned from maternity leave it was right in the middle of trade show season, and I was bribed suckered graciously asked if I could travel. Honestly, I enjoy the amount of time I travel. It’s usually for trade shows or to see customers, so it’s generally fun.

This trip was really tricky because I’m still breast feeding. So, there were many trips (though probably not enough) made back to my hotel room to take care of business. Plus, I just could NOT dump that precious milk down the drain. I saved each and every drop in milk storage bags and brought a ton of giant baggies with me, along with some sandwich bags. I put the milk in the big bags with ice-filled sandwich sized baggies.  My suitcase was one pound shy of being too heavy!

I totally missed my little guy, but Chris kept me posted with lots and lots of pictures and videos.  On Tuesday morning, I got this little gem to wake up to. If you make it to the end, you’ll get a funny surprise 🙂

A small issue came up while I was gone. Walt all of a sudden decided he was going to be a finicky eater. This has definitely NOT been an issue with us. And, he certainly is no stranger to the bottle or pumped breast milk (he gets this 3x a day at day care!). Chris fought to get him to eat and Walt even went to bed last night having only eaten a few ounces (he usually eats 8… and would probably eat more if I let him). So, let’s hope this problem was just some separation anxiety!
Today is also Walt’s 5 month birthday!  I’ll have a whole post about that later 🙂

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  1. What a cute (and funny) video! Such a precious little laugh! I hope the feeding issues resolve themselves soon! I'm sure they will. Probably separation anxiety like you said. And kudos to you for continuing to breastfeed despite the inconvenience! What a good mommy 🙂


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