Walt is Nine Months Old!

Yesterday, Walt officially turned 9-months old.  He has now been on this earth as long as he was in my belly.  We have a very curious, social, and attentive little man on our hands.  Here’s what he is up to after nine months of life:

  • He wears (get ready for this) 18 mos clothes. I feel like he flies through his clothes.  By the time he gets to a new size, we barely have time to wear half the clothes before he’s on to the next size. He can still fit in some 12-month clothes, but he is so long that many of the one pieces look kinda silly 🙂
  • He claps! This is such a fun thing. Nothing like being applauded for walking into the room.
  • Bye-Bye and Hi: We’re still working on context, but he does bye-bye with his hand (and occasionally accompanies it with a “ba-ba” sound) and if you just wave “hi” he’ll flail his entire arm back at you. I’m calling it waving.
  • Still an army crawler: Although he can take a few “traditional” crawls on all fours, he totally prefers the army version to actually get somewhere. Even at MyGym, he’ll scoot on his little tummy while that other kids blow by him.
  • Giggle box: This kid is a laugher extraordinaire. No longer do you have to be tickling him, but if you are just acting silly, he’ll laugh at you.  He really likes to laugh with other kiddos.
  • Kisses!  Now this is a real treat.  If you ask him for a kiss, he generously opens his mouth and plants a slobbery, open- mouthed kiss on your cheek. I love it 🙂
  • Eating: He still eats 4 bottles/day, but we’re working  in more solid food. He happily eats puffs and is still a fruit guy. Though I gave him some small pieces of avocado the other day and he didn’t hate it.

We see Dr. G tomorrow morning, so we’ll see where his stats end up. My guess is he’s still super tall and average on weight. If he’s big in weight, it’ll only be b/c he’s so tall.  Here are some pics of our favorite Munka Man!

While taking his picture on the couch, he got bored, stood up, and turned his back on me.

This is a still shot of him waving 🙂

This is our sweet boy!

Love this smile!

Another new favorite move is “downward dog”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he crawls like this (and not on his knees).

Happy 9-month birthday, Walt! We love you!

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