Walt is 11 Mos.

Um, wow. I can’t even believe our baby is on the heels of his first birthday. I started this blog about a year and half ago to document our growing family. Somehow when I envisioned it, I didn’t mentally make it to this point in Walt’s life. But, what a cool and surprising time this is!

Walt’s personality develops every single day. We had the opportunity last week to see him in action in class and he’s a social butterfly (and sort of a ham!).  He loves his MyGym class and doesn’t stop for one second (except during storytime, which he finds super interesting).  Here’s what the Munks is up to now:

  • Eating — he still takes 4 6-oz bottles a day, but we’re getting better at table food. He loves grilled cheese, string cheese, graham crackers, and pizza. He’s a carbie, like me 🙂
  • Sleeping — this is one thing I don’t think I could ever complain about with this guy.  He never protests his bed (naps or bedtime) and always sleeps a long time.  I hope he teaches our future children his tricks.
  • Crawling/Standing — he is the speediest little crawler and loves to pull up on things. Lately he will let go of what he’s pulled up on, cut his eyes to me, then laugh. He’s a little show off !  He hasn’t made any attempts to move (walk) while standing alone. Like my other mommy friends, I’m a-okay with this!
  • Talking — Walt is starting to try and say things while pointing. He points at EVERYTHING. He often uses this as a means of bossing us around. He can point at me, point at a light switch, grunt a couple times and I know that means he wants the light on.  He also loves to point at his friends.  The word he probably says the most is “uh-oh” and it’s usually preemptive (he’ll say uh-oh THEN drop his sippy cup on the floor).
  • Making faces — he’s just started this where he makes silly faces.  He likes to squint his eyes or wrinkle his nose then lauuuuughhhh

So, I’ve already started planning his first birthday (shocker) and I’m having serious mixed emotions about it. I never thought I’d be so sad about him growing up. I know it just gets worse from here. He’s still a baby in my eyes and I love him so very much!

My happy crawler

Big boy! That gym is not at all intended to support his weight, but he loves it still
He was giggling like crazy with me trying to get him to sit still!!

The one single pic of him sitting still on the couch

This is there favorite thing to do. If Chris is lying anywhere (couch, floor in kitchen, carpet), Walt crawls up and attacks!

The super duper happy guy 🙂

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  1. ha! I love his couch pose. too cute 🙂


  2. Stefanie says:

    Ahh… So cute!


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