First Christmas for Walt

I’m so behind on blogging, but it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, as I’m sure everyone has had!  I even back-dated this post so I could put it in the 2011 blog book. Cheater!  We finally got the whole family well JUST in time for Christmas.  Chris, Walt, and I headed to Gilmer the Friday before Christmas to spend the holiday with Chris’ family.

Before we left, we decided to open a few gifts at our house under our tree. Walt wasn’t really feelin’ it, but mom and dad sure had fun!

Daddy and Walt ready to get into some gifts

This picture is deceiving because it makes it look like Walt actually knew what he was doing. He did enjoy tearing the paper once it was off the package.

In Gilmer, we relaxed and ate some delicious food.  We had a big Christmas Eve dinner with Chris’s parents and sister’s family.

Walt’s cousins, Sarah Madison and Kate, with Nana

Maddie loved helping Walt out. It was super sweet

Christmas morning we woke up and just took our time hanging out in our PJs. In fact, we relished in the Christmas morning calm so much that Walt didn’t open his gifts until after his first nap.  We realize that opportunity will likely never ever happen again!  Walt was blessed to get some awesome musical and singing toys, some clothes from mom, and books. He also got this rad horse from Papa and Nana.  Enjoy the video I posted of Walt attempting to ride the pony.

Me and that Munka Man!

Papa trying to help with the horsey

We hope everyone had a nice, relaxing, and blessed holiday with their loved ones. I can’t believe 2011 is coming to a close! What a year!

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  1. aw – love seeing you with him 🙂 he is such a cutie! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    PS: I'm all for back-dating posts 😉


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