Walt, the One Year Old

When we got Walt up this morning, we asked him if he felt older. Is it odd that I actually think he’s has shown some growing up in the past couple of days?!  I know I’ve been gushing over Walt the past several posts, but it was a whirlwind of “firsts” I felt I needed to capture.  Things seem to be moving so fast these days.

Here’s what Walt is up to:

  • Naps — Well, I caved to daycare last week and let them do the one-nap-a-day thing.  I can’t say it was seamless, but it wasn’t disastrous.  We let Walt take two naps over the weekend and he seemed fine doing both. As an FYI, Dr. G agreed that 12 months was early for one nap. Whether he’s right or not, I liked that he agreed with me 🙂
  • Eating — Walt’s getting much better at table food. I still think he’s picky mostly b/c I’ll eat anything  (except cantaloupe) and can’t fathom how he won’t eat things like bananas, mashed potatoes and pasta (seriously, are we sure he’s mine?!).  BUT, he at least tries things now.  Some of his favorites are goldfish, chicken nuggets, cheese, cheese cheese.
  • Mobility — he’s not walking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he just comes home from daycare one day and does it. He does everything short of walking. He can easily walk along any given piece of furniture.
  • Climbing — funny that Dr. G warned us about this today. Walt is ABSOLUTELY a climber. He has no fear in climbing up, down, in and around anything.  YIKES.
  • Speech — Walt does a whole lot of pointing.  If he’s not pointing, he’ll thrust an open hand in your direction to try and demand something from you.  We’re working on some sign language. At this point, Walt sees his pointing and hand thrusting as enough sign language 🙂  He does say some words. Nothing he says is the right word for what he’s trying to say.  He calls a lot of things Ba-Boo (balloon, monkey, book). He also calls all animals “Ice”. Chris’s parents’ dog is Izzy and we think this is where this comes from.
  • Teeth — My toothy guy who basically got all eight baby teeth at once at 6 months has been pretty dormant in the chompers department.  Walt drools excessively, so I’m always saying his molars are coming in. After probing in his mouth incessantly, I finally gave up and decided he’s just a drooler. All it took was a light and a tongue depresser and Dr. G said “Walt has 3 molars!”. Sure enough the top two have already broken through! the bottom ones are trying. WOAH.

We know Walt is a big guy, but here’s how big he really is:

  • Weight – 25 lbs (75-90th percentile)
  • Height – 32″ (100%)
  • Head – 19.3″ (off the charts … God bless him)

As suspected, he’s just a tall kiddo.  I’ve seen him next to some 2-year-olds and he looks the same size!  It’s also interesting that many of his friends are girls (who are naturally more petite) and he looks absolutely ginormous compared to them.  What I love is he still seems to be very gentle. Almost like he realizes he’s twice the size of them 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh Walt, you are too stinkin' cute! What a fun post 🙂
    I love that he's so big! He's got 4.5 pounds and 2.5 inches over Asher! Love it 🙂
    And I can not believe he already has some molars! Wowzers!


  2. Allie E. says:

    He is so adorable! Happy birthday to Walt!


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