Happy Birthday, Reesey Piecey!

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of being a part of Walt’s friend, Reese’s, first birthday party.  Reese’s mom and my BFF, Stori, did such a fabulous job on an adorable Easter-themed birthday.  Before heading to the party, I grabbed my camera thinking, “what a great opportunity for some photo ops!”  I keep forgetting that chasing around an almost-15-month-old does not vie well for picture taking.

I did get a few super sweet pics that I’m happy to share, and Stori (who I hope learned from my massive faux pas at Walt’s birthday) hired a photographer.  It was a great to see our extended friend circle and all the babies. I’m just bummed I didn’t take more pics of Walt with his friends. Must. Get. Better!

Look at this sweet girl going to town on her smash cake. Atta girl!!

Walt playing with his Aunt Jess 🙂

Reese and Walt discussing the nutritional value in bermuda grass

Balloon versus ball. I think Reese will win.

If you want to see how insanely adorable the party was, jump over to the photographer’s blog. You think I am detail oriented? This will floor you. No hired help here. Stori did the whole party herself 🙂  

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