Do NOT Visit Pure MedSpa in Frisco!

This is not my normal fodder for the blog, but I’m looking for communication vehicles.  I’ll make this short and sweet.

About a year ago, I purchased one of the gazillion Groupons for laser hair removal.  I’m not embarrassed. It’s for my legs. You all will be jealous eventually 🙂  Or, you won’t because my experience has been AWFUL.

I beg you to avoid Pure MedSpa in Frisco on Lebanon/Tollway on the northwest corner.

Not only have my laser hair removal treatments been terribly ineffective, but the service is downright appalling. After waiting ONE HOUR for my appointment on Saturday, I was rudely chastized by the owner that I was being “too chatty” with others who were also waiting well past their appointment times. I was treated very rudely and not even once was there an apology for the inconvenience of being ONE HOUR past my appointment time. No attempt to make the situation even just a little bit better.  And the tardiness is pretty typical.  I typically wait up to 30 minutes and during my forbidden chat session with other clients, they too have waited in excess of 30-45 minutes each time. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Has anyone else had any experiences here? I’ve also sent a complaint to Groupon (I know, shame on me for falling for the cheap price). So, don’t go and tell others not to either. There are far too many places that offer laser hair removal that would be MORE than happy to take the business.

*steps off soapbox*

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  1. that is AWFUL! I really want to do the hair removal…. are you feeling like it will eventually work?? how many sessions have you had?


  2. Team Bruns says:

    That was my 6th (final) session. THere's been some hair REDUCTION but not completely gone. But it's b/c this place sucks, not b/c the laser didn't work.


  3. My girlfriend performs laser hair removal at Blush Aesthetics (Northwest Hwy & tollway). It may be a hike but I have LOVED, LOVED the result and she pretty much did the trick in 5 sessions. If you have hair left that needs removal, seriously, I would make an appt. Ask for Tori – (214) 739-5600. You will love her too!


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