RIP – Sean Ashford

This is a tough one for me to write.  Given that, it’ll likely be short.  A little over a week ago, Chris got a phonecall from his best buddy, Jed, that one of his best friend’s was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident.  Sean lost control of his motorcycle around midnight on Friday night (July 27).

Sean, Jed, and Chris have been running buddies basically since Chris moved to Dallas in the mid-90s.  Their friendship was centered around music, and not surprisingly, Sean’s entire life was molded by music.  It is no accident that the universal language is what brought these guys together.  You know, there are people who say they love music, or they love all kinds of music, but I’m not sure it was a truer statement for anyone but Sean.  He just loved it.  And he loved people. This was a common theme during his funeral service and he left a lot of positivity on this planet.

Sean will be sorely missed. Certainly Chris is one who will miss him terribly.  He was one of Chris’s three groomsmen…twice!  He was so very special.  But, his memory will live on and on and on through the fund that his family and friends (including Chris) have established. The Ashford Music Fund will be the perfect legacy for this amazing guy 🙂  We love you Sean!

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  1. oh wow. I got goosebumps reading this 😦 the love definitely comes through. I'm so sorry for y'all's loss.


  2. So sorry, Nicole! That is such a tragic loss. Life is such a precious and fragile thing. Sounds like Sean touched many lives and was blessed to have great friends like you and Chris during his time on earth.


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