Big Boy Bed!

I feel like we’ve been talking about doing this for months, but we finally pulled the trigger. We have begun transitioning Walt to a big boy bed.  This was a tough decision because Walt would probably sleep in his crib until high school if we let him. He’s not an escapee (although I’m fully prepared for Oscar to be).  Walt is an incredible sleeper — he happily entertains himself before bed and when he wakes up. All things I wasn’t excited to give up. While there were definitely some struggles (it took one night for him to realize he could get out of the big boy bed), the process has been pretty smooth!

Why are we moving Walt when he’s so content? I really, really didn’t want to buy a second crib. The crib does transition to a toddler bed, but that’s it, so it’s shelf life is relatively short. 

We started with the tactic of having both the crib and the bed in Walt’s room. I’d say this was successful. There were definitely nights he chose the crib, but he ALWAYS wanted to start in his big boy bed. We also realized that once Walt got down from the bed, he couldn’t get back in (it has a trundle). So, we had to put a little foot stool by it. We also had to do some training about what we do when we wake up (the idea is to read books). Fingers crossed, he’s been doing a great job of this the past week.  I have to say, I think daylight savings actually helped us in this matter! Walt doesn’t have a problem going to bed when it’s light out, and it being darker in the a.m. has kept him in bed longer. I’ll take it.

Did I mention we got a video monitor? I realize most people get this for their infants, but we never had one (and frankly never missed it), but I was panicked about what Walt was capable of with some freedom. I thought he’d go into the bathroom and immediately turn on the tub and drown himself. Morbid mommy!

There it is!! Big boy bed and new bedding. You can see the crib still in there on the left.
Daddy reading books before bed. Walt loves this.

This is what it looks like when Walt gets out of bed. Straight to the door. Notice the child locks on his door handle since he’s smart enough open the door.
All sorts of turned around, but he’s quietly reading, so I can’t complain (this was nap time)
This was one morning this past weekend. Walt grabbed a book and was reading. Victory!  (Don’t judge us for the paci… one transition at a time, people).

And here’s a little preview of his new room. Blue-gray walls with a  rad orange stripe.  We have the rest of the bedroom furniture and some other projects to complete this. Stay tuned 🙂

We are SO proud of how good Walt has done. No more crib for this big boy!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    Go, Walt! love the smooth transition 🙂


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