Pregger BFFs

Today I’m writing about something I haven’t mentioned much in my blog, but it’s been such a massive part of this pregnancy. It’s kind of a shame I haven’t spent more time on this topic.  So, I figured, what better way to celebrate one of my bestie’s birthdays, than to talk about our co-pregnancy.

A way-back pic… on our way to the Grammys 2008

 Stori and I have been friends for over a decade. We met at my very first job out of college and boy have we come a long way in 11 years.  That saga is not only worth its own blog post, but probably its own entire blog!  Stori and I are pretty inseparable. From Grammy trips to weddings in back-to-back years, we’ve got a bond that’s one of a kind. So, it was no surprise when I was three months pregnant with Walt, that she shared the news that she was pregnant with Reese (her first, too). It was such a blessing to share pregnancy (and infant-ness) with her!

a 7-month old Walt already loving on his 4-month old friend, Reese

Well, apparently three months difference between our first kiddos just wasn’t good enough for the universe. When Stori called to tell me she was pregnant a 2nd time, I hadn’t even told her yet! (It was that early). My response? “That makes two of us”.  Our due dates are 10 days apart and our “scheduled” dates are 9 days apart. I think every little 12-year-old girl fantasizes about having a joint wedding with her BFF, moving in next door to each other, and raising kids together. Ok, we didn’t do the first two, but we’re most definitely raising our kids together!

You don’t realize how much you need other mom’s support, especially when you are pregnant and have a newborn. It’s so much of a blur for all of us, that even mom’s with one-year-olds forget those last few weeks of pregnancy or those exhausting first week’s of being a mom. I’m so beyond blessed to have shared every minute with Stori. And, that’s not an exaggeration. Not a day goes by that we aren’t texting each other. The days I don’t talk to her, definitely feel void.

Pregs with #2

Not everyone gets the universe to align quite exactly as we have, but finding fellow mom buds has been a wonderful blessing for both of us. I’m just glad that Stori gets to be my go-to mommy friend 🙂 As we await the arrival of Oscar and Baby Z (the sex is mystery! Only God knows if we have another arranged marriage or a couple of bosom boy buds), I’m really enjoying sharing my excitement (and fears) with this awesome mom and friend 🙂 Happy Birthday, Stori!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    That is very cool! I can imagine how reassuring it is to have someone going through it all right along with you 🙂


  2. Mrs. McClure says:

    Love you both!! XO


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