Walt at 2.5 Years Old

Walt’s half birthday came and went (it was a mere 2 weeks after Oscar was born). With all the monthly updates for him as a baby (and now all the Oscar updates), it’s only right to talk about what Walt is doing. While his milestones aren’t quite as monumental, I see him turning into a little man each day and just love it.

Probably the biggest thing right now is Walt’s talking. He’s been saying sentences for a bit, but now he even has a little humor and comedic timing.  Some things that he’s said:

(to his Allergist) “Look in mommy’s mouth”
“I want to go eat at On the Border”
“If you drive too fast, the police give you a ticket” (oddly, I just got my first speeding ticket in 13 years!
“Look! It’s the high school!” (point to any large building)
“Carry me. It’s too hot.”

And there are a few words that he doesn’t get quite right:
“Mise” = Mine
“Papa Truck” = Papa Chuck (his grandpa)

Walt and his bro

He still has a pretty limited diet, but it’s healthy stuff (for the most part). I have to give him credit because he is willing to try most things he’s never had. It just typically takes one little taste for him tell you he doesn’t like it.  If you really want to bribe him, his favorite treat is banana ice cream.

Walt also got to see his first movie(s) in the movie theater! We took turns taking him to Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, and Planes.  He does pretty good for a two year old.  If he wants to get up, it’s to use the potty. Which brings me to my final topic…

I don’t even know how to describe where we are with potty training. If you count from the first time we put Walt on the potty, we’ve been potty training him for over a year 🙂  We haven’t yet buckled down and locked ourselves up for three days (or however long they say you can train your kid). We just gradually (verrrryyyy graddduallllyyy) make progress.  We’re to the point where we are done buying him diapers and he’s only in Pull Ups. He does have big boy underwear, but I’ll be honest and I’m terrified to use them. Frankly, until about a week ago, Walt was scared uninterested in them. For now it’s working. There will be a time that we’ll have to be ok with accidents and completely rid him of any protection. For now, our method has been stress free and no one has los their minds.  We’ll see what happens when we start letting accidents happen.

Loving any sport known to man. Loves “hitting the golf ball in the hole”

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    oh! He's looking so grown up!


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