Oscar’s Room

Nothing like posting pics of Oscar’s nursery 2.5 months after he’s born 🙂  In truth, his room was actually 95% complete before he was born (miraculous, I know). Chris and I were literally hanging pictures just days before I went into labor.  Probably the reason the nursery got back burnered for the blog was that Oscar has slept in our room (okay, okay – he sleeps in our closet. Don’t judge.)  I’ve started having him nap in his room for the past week or so, which is what reminded me to post the pics!  We’ll be moving him to his room overnight starting next week.

Most of the artwork is the masterpiece of my neighbor, Heather, who runs a calligraphy and graphic design business called Design Roots.  She’s uber talented. Check out her site 🙂

The only thing that’s missing from his room right now is the glider (which currently resides downstairs) and a lamp. I also need a home for all the adorable stuffed animals. Don’t need a baby suffocating on all that plush! Here’s a little tour of Mr. Stinks’ room…

View of the room as you walk in. The walls are a mushroom color with a navy stripe
Shot #1 of crib. It’s Walt’s crib, but the bedding is new. Navy and lime green.  The bumper has little white stars on it.
Another view of the crib (chock full of stuffed animals). The middle bumper ties are secured with button thanks to a suggestion by Heather, and executed by my other neighbor, Jenny.  #outsourcing
Sorry for the blurry pic. I was holding a squirmy Stinks boy.  Frames on the wall. Upper left needs a pic, from Stori and the print on the right is handwritten by Heather “Look t the stars, look how they shine for you”

More Design Roots artwork! Lyrics to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Last piece of art from, you guessed it, Design Roots! Precious birth stat print. I’ve gifted lots of these. Great new-baby gift.

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