Oscar’s Bookshelf Project

I typically have good intentions when it comes to DIY projects. I’m a pretty handy girl. I can use a hammer and I’m definitely not afraid of a paint brush (or some spray paint).  But, my normal DIY project usually goes like this:

  1. Stumble on an adorable project on Pinterest
  2. Assess the amount of work required
  3. Pin.
  4. Look at said pin every day for 3-4…months
  5. Forget about pin
  6. Look back through Pinterest one day six months later and remember what a good idea that project was.
  7. Get supplies
  8. Wait 2-3 weeks for no reason
  9. Begin project
  10. Get 75% through project and decide you just want to be done
  11. Assign the final tasks to husband
  12. Admire handywork
My last major DIY project was Walt’s giant bookshelf/loveseat in his room. That’s exactly how that project went down. The cycle repeated on this project.

At $5 each, this was a super cheap project.
I bought the spice racks from IKEA. I already had the paint. So, I literally just mulled over the project for two weeks while having all the supplies.  All in all, it was truly easy. I painted all the pieces, assembled the racks, and left them on the kitchen table long enough so Chris would take it upon himself to hang them. I call it teamwork.

Painting! In hindsight, I could have spray painted them and that may have gone faster…

Hoping my next project can move a little faster, but we haven’t lost any years on our marriage yet, so this current process seems to be working 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    ha! that is cute 🙂


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