4th of July

Happy Birthday, America!  Having just returned from our family vacation, we didn’t have anything lined up for the Fourth of July.  Admittedly, it’s really tough to plan things since Oscar still takes (and needs) two naps.  Not to mention he can easily saw logs for two hours for EACH nap.

Walt kept referring to the 4th as “America’s celebration of life” (this is what they call kiddo’s birthdays at school). He kept asking when we were going to USA’s birthday party (thanks, World Cup). It was cracking me up.

In the morning, I took Walt to our neighborhood pool.  Seriously, it was the most relaxing morning, I’ve had in months. He’s perfectly fine in the kiddie pool, so I just lounged and watched (then, eventually got in and we played). We had the pool all to ourselves.

Then, after naps (rewrite: after nap…Walt chose to not nap), we went to Frisco FreedomFest with my family.  The boys had a wonderful time despite it being hot (and we had a good time despite there being no alcohol…seriously??).

Here are my boys trying to not be hot

Walt got his face painted with “USA” (his choice)
Walt taking some shots at dunking the fire chief (not sure that was a good example to set!)
Daddy tried too. Nice form, babe!

And they took a wagon ride (Oscar was an excellent waver. I see a future in politics)

We came home and put Oscar to bed, then sat on the front lawn and shot poppers. The Allens came over and the boys had a great time playing with these little things loaded with gunpowder (please don’t call CPS). Walt isn’t quite ready to stay up for fireworks. He was exhausted (probably still catching up from vacation), so we put him to bed and he knew no different. He’ll see fireworks eventually 🙂  I’m so happy to live in a place that has so many wonderful things for families and celebrates this great country we live in.

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