Chaos Soccer

Let the organized sports begin!  I remember hearing from friends who have older kids when they said, “We signed 3-year-old Mikey up for soccer,” and thinking, “Wow, that seems really young.” Now I find myself counting down the months until Walt is eligible for sports because he’s totally ready!

Our little futbol guy!

Let me clarify what I mean by “ready”. Walt knows what a ball is. Any kind of ball. Walt knows how to walk and run. Walt knows how to listen 50% of the time.  Walt likes to have a good time. That’s about all that’s needed.

Number 8
Team Chaos!

It’s so fitting that the team name is “Chaos”. It’s eight 3 and 4 year olds (mostly 3). They run around like 3 year olds do. They goof off. They antagonize each other. And, every so often someone kicks the ball in the goal.  It’s definitely obvious the kids who have older siblings. They have been self-taught since birth.

Buddies – Walt and Austin

Chris and I both played team sports growing up (and I was on a dance team as well… totally a sport, by the way), so I think we enjoy all the non-athletic benefits that come along with this. I don’t have a preference whatsoever in what sports Walt plays (the truth is that I want to create a boy band, so I hope both the boys try dance). Neither Chris nor I know the first thing about soccer. (Not true: I know what the objective is. I just don’t know all the positions and strategies…) This has been a great experience so far.

We can’t wait for lots more games and cheering in our future!

Taking some tips from Coach Tony!

Bench time! Watching our fellow players.

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I bet 3 yo boys soccer is more active than 3 yo girls, which is what I have gotten to watch 🙂 Do any of the players stand in the middle of the field just bawling?


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