I Love JT

The subject of this blog is a surprise to no one. I know this. I won’t bore everyone with me gushing about how much I melt over JT. But, seriously. What is not to like about this guy? He can sing. He can dance. He acts. He’s funny. He’s a guy’s guy.

Before you start lumping me in some category of girls who unconsciously swoon over JT, it’s worth a brief history.  I have adored JT since the early 90s when he showed up on The Mickey Mouse Club. It started with my childhood friend, Erin, and we’d sit at her house and watch HOURS of this show. We memorized skits, copied the dance routines, and Erin even got to go see some tapings #jealous.

The very second that ‘N Sync came out (long before anyone even paid them any attention), I was buying their European album, racing to see them at Six Flags, stalking meeting them at gas station convenience stores, and I even created a fan website (yes, I just admitted that). I really loved them. All in all, I probably saw them in concert 10 times (which is quite a feat considering they probably only toured for three or four years).

All of this leading to my love of JT because he’s awesome. Thank goodness I have a patient husband. I nearly lost my marbles last year when JT performed at the MTV VMAs and reunited with ‘N Sync. It was almost too much.

So, THIS is why we never miss a chance to JT. It’s always so incredibly worth it. Someone asked me how many times I’ve seen JT. I don’t really know. Six??  Stori and I saw him at a club show at the old Gypsy Tea Room in 2007 and that was perhaps the most unbelievable experience.  Here a few snippets of the show last night at AAC in Dallas…

And probably one of my most FAVORITE parts of the show: 

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    you should be President of his fan club! Your gushing seems heartfelt 🙂


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