The McClure’s come to Frisco

We have great friends. We’re blessed to have friends all over the world! The problem with that is we don’t get to see all of them as much as we want.  The McClure’s live in Tyler, TX. Jeff was Chris’s running buddy forever and was the best man in our wedding. Through Chris and Jeff’s relationship, I’ve had the honor of getting to know Janna and now their sweet kiddos, Cash (7) and Blake (4).

In an semi-impromtu manner, Jeff and Janna packed up the kids and headed west to spend some time with us.  So, we ditched work early and kidnapped the kids’ from school and headed to Top Golf.  To say Walt was excited is such an understatement.

Cash and Walt ready to play some links!

Oscar couldn’t wait to give this a try. He immediately figured out how to make the balls come out and only needed a little guidance from Daddy to swing the club.

 Then Janna had a brilliant idea to get a sitter, so we could have some adult time. So, after some McDonald’s (yay guests!), we set the kids up with a super fun baby sitter and off we went to enjoy a nice adult dinner at Perrys.

Janna and I enjoying our adult beverages

Jeff looking all blue steel per usual, and I don’t know the other guy.

It was such a fun night, then we were able to take the kids to Hope Park (here’s to awesome weather in January) and let the kiddos run around some more. I’m so happy we can pick up friendships like this right where we leave off, even if we can’t see them all the time. You’re welcome back anytime, McClure’s!

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