Showering a Little Man

I love babies. I really do. But, I REALLY love celebrating babies. I have really come to love a good baby shower. So, when my dear friend, Renee, told me she was expecting her 2nd baby boy, I immediately started planning her baby shower.  I called up my pal, Stori, and two of Renee’s former law school buds, Kim and Ashley, and we got to planning.

Look at that precious mommy-to-be!

This whole process was so much fun for me. Not only did I get to help plan a baby shower, but I got to spend some time with girls I don’t see as much as I’d like. When Renee was in law school, I lived with her and we often pretended that I, too, was in law school. So, planning with Ashley and Kimmy was a true delight.

We had a brunch for 20 some odd ladies at a favorite restaurant of ours, Jaspers. The meal was delicious (maytag blue cheese chips, yes please!) and the company was even better. And, the mimosas didn’t hurt either.

Here are some pics we snapped…

Renee and her MIL and momma

Lots of mustaches and bow ties everywhere. It’s what little boys are made of!
And props. You have to have props

Renee got lots of goodies for the new baby, who’s name is a secret, but big brother, Dylan, has already named him Chocolate… so Chocolate is what we call him 🙂

Here is the whole bunch:

I mustache you a question…

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I love seeing your party planning 🙂 Congrats to Renee!


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