Allergy Test for Mr. Oscar

Since last October, we’ve been regulars in the doctors’ offices and hospitals with Oscar. He literally could not stay well for more than a week. He wasn’t really alone in that, either. I think I was sick every time he was sick, which is not like me. But, this post isn’t about me 🙂

We have been under close care of our pediatrician (Dr. G!) and our pulmonologist/allergist (Dr. Moore).  Dr. Moore wants to make sure we are fully aware of all of Oscar’s allergies to see if there is something else triggering the failure of his immune system.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a little worried to see these results and see that Oscar is allergic to dogs… 
Instead of having Oscar’s back scraped in 20 some-odd places, we opted to have blood drawn.  In the end, we thought it would be quicker and less painful.  I was worried when they tied the tourniquet on, but Oscar was such a champ. We kept him distracted and they were able to get 2 big vials of blood from him with no tears!
Bribery with stickers… done!
Champion with a sucker!

**UPDATE: We got his results back.  To our HUGE relief he only has a super tiny trace of allergies to dogs. He is highly allergic to eggs and PEANUTS. That was new to us, but not really a surprise given Walt’s allergy. We avoid peanuts as a family, so we would have never known. He does have some pollen, tree, and grass allergies, but nothing that is concerning at all. Good news is he does not have severe allergies (except for the two food allergies), the bad news his susceptibility to illness is likely tied to asthma.**

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