Colorado Trip 2015

Warning: Picture overload!
We just got back from our first airplane-distance family trip, and I think it was a success! Last year, we took a trip to Galveston with friends, which was a great way to practice vacationing as a family of four.  This time we flew to Denver, CO and stayed for a whole week!  We went to be reunited with the Rossi side of my family (my mom’s family — the Italians).  Almost all of them live in or around Denver and a 2nd cousin was getting married. It seemed like the right time. We spent 2 days in Denver, then drove to Breckenridge and rented this super fantastic house for my immediate family (Michelle’s fam, Kathy’s fam, my parents, and our family).
I’ll tell the story of the trip in pictures… 
I pride myself in being a pretty frugal packer, but traveling with two young ones is challenging!

On our drive up to Breck – a gorgeous meadow in the middle of the mountain range

Stopped in an old mining town, Fair Play, to eat an amazing breakfast.
In Breck, we found Oscar’s restaurant!
Me and my oldest buddy 🙂
Everybody with a daddy photo bomb

I love my sister’s so much!
…mostly because they do stuff like this. 
Poor Walt got so affected by the altitude. We couldn’t be out for more than an hour without him wanted to take a nap.
My sisters and our men! We had so much fun watching the sun set, drinking wine, and laughing on this porch.
Once Walt was feeling better, we took a gondola up the mountain so he could play putt putt on a mountain (complete with a hole in one!)

Beautiful shot from downtown Breck

Every car ride = nap time. We leveraged this to our benefit! 

Me and the Stinks man in the back of the Breck house where a river ran through

Breckenridge did a great job with a 4th of July parade. Oscar had the best seat.
Great turnout and good times. Happy Birthday, ‘Merica!
We rode this gondola at least half a dozen times during our stay. It took us up to Peak 8 on a mountain in Breck that had tons of fun stuff to do (including putt putt)
On a hike around Sapphire Point (about 5 miles from our Breck house) you could feed VERY friendly chipmunks

These guys make me so happy!

On one of our many gondola rides. Seriously, this pic cracks me up. 

Our last night there, we went for a family of four dinner in downtown Breckenridge at this AMAZING restaurant called The Canteen that was the perfect blend of casual, but outstanding food. The service was spot on for a young family.

This handsome man hiking Sapphire Point overlooking the Dillon Reservoir

Walt, begrudgingly making his way around Sapphire Point #altitudesickness

This awesome bridge behind our house. Chris, Jaelyn and the boys likes watching the water flow under them

Pretty much every morning was coffee on the porch with a hoodie on!

On our way out we drove through the Johnson-Eisenhower tunnel
Alas, waiting for our plane to return back to Texas

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