Chaos Indoor Soccer

Against my original judgement, we decided to keep Walt in soccer over the summer. I thought this was overkill for a 4 year old and really thought he’d enjoy the break over the summer. I was wrong 🙂  The way the team did it over the summer was absolutely perfect.  There were no practices. Just fun, game play on Sundays.  Also, there’s a big difference with indoor soccer! It’s very fast-paced. You don’t have to stop every time someone kicks it out of bounds (which happens a lot when you’re four).  My desire to want to slow down over the summer was quickly squashed. Things just naturally DO slow down and frankly Walt enjoyed having this to look forward to each weekend. Because we are full-time working parents, the boys stay in school/daycare year round, so nothing feels too differently for them over the summer. 

Here are some fun pics…
Walt getting his medal from Coach Mark

Here are these stinky boys who hustle hard! As you can see, Walt is super stoked about the medal
So, I now might be a believer on summer activities.  Ask me again next summer 🙂

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