Our Grown Up Master Bedroom

Early on in our relationship, Chris and I have had a lot of fun decorating, redecorating and remodeling.  In our old house we did pretty major stuff like adding hardwoods and completely re-doing a master bath.  Most recently, we flipped our existing kitchen from a traditional style to a more modern transitional style.

Throughout all these projects, our poor master bedroom always gets the short straw. How much time do YOU spend in your bedroom. For us, it’s not much. But every time we’d crawl into bed at night, I longed for a homey and comforting room.  We have done small things along the way, like we upgraded to a Temperpedic mattress when we moved in the house and I’ve changed the comforter out more than once.  It was time for a complete overhaul.

So, normally I’m Miss Matchy-Matchy, and buy everything from all one place to ensure maximum coordination. This time, I piece mealed the whole thing together, which is why this started in Dec. 2014 and just now ended. I started with a bed frame. Even though it was my old, I-just-graduated-college furniture, at least we had night stands and a dresser. We never had anything more than the cheap free frame that comes with your mattress.  I already knew I wanted cream or white and I definitely wanted a tufted headboard (thank you, Mad Men).

The bedframe came from Wayfair and was super easy to assemble.

Next came the bedding. This was actually really easy. Macy’s had a lot to choose from. I knew I wanted light colors and really liked the champagne accent with this. I bought the entire package including pillows because #matching. It’s their Hotel Collection “Finest Luster” bedding set.
Probably the hardest part was the nightstands and the dresser. They are all separate pieces and trying to find colors online caused many items to be returned. 
The loooong “putty” colored dresser came from Joss & Main (fully assembled). It’s maybe my favorite piece.
This one is Chris’s nightstand from Wayfair

This one is mine, from Overstock.  Both came fully assembled (pro tip!)

I used Pinterest for lots of inspiration pics. I wanted the dark gray walls with light furniture. I loved this room:

My biggest takeaway here was the mirrors above the nightstands to illuminate the lamps.  I found our mirrors on Overstock.

The hardest part about decorating this room is the accent color is not gold and it’s not silver. It’s more of a champagne. That’s a tough color to search for. The mirrors I found lean silver, but have some gold “notches” that help contrast the silver.  A lucky find was these picture frames at Hobby Lobby. As soon as I saw the color, I just grabbed as many as I could. I didn’t even have a gallery wall in mind!

Those black and white canvases of the boys sat on the floor for almost two years before I got to hang them!

And, finally, the lamps. I went round and round on these dang things. I ordered some from Joss and Main that ended up being too big and too white (another tricky color for this room!). Everywhere I looked the lamps were either not right or they were $200+ each. I like nice things, but I just could not bring myself to do it.  When it was all said and done, I perused the lamp aisle at Target last weekend and found the lamps you see. The color could not be more spot on. They call it “brushed bronze”. #nailed it.

I’d like to get a few little accents for the dresser (candlesticks, orbs, fake floral), but for now I’m calling this complete. We now have a grown-up master!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! oh, I”m jealous of the Tempurpedic. We went Sleep Number, which Randall loves. I miss my Tempurpedic 😦


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