Oscar’s Big Boy Bed

It’s the year of change in the Bruns’ house! We are forcefully shoving gradually encouraging Oscar into some big boy changes. Joking aside, there are things it’s time for him to move on from. We took his paci away about 3-4 months ago.  While he only had it at night, it was time. We have also been knee-deep in potty training for what feels like 57 years.  We aren’t the 3-day, let-them-run-around-nekkid types. I have heard great things about those methods, but we’re more the gradual, let-you-figure-it-out types.  The upside is he’s gaining a lot of confidence and independence. The downside is this process seems to take for-ev-er.  I’m happy to report that Oscar is doing really awesome with pee pee. Poop is another story for another blog.

I’ve been threatening a big-boy bed for months now, but it’s time. The logic is selfish. Yes, Oscar is ready, but the truth is I need that crib! We managed to have one crib for three kids and I sure as hell wasn’t going to buy a new one now.  Like Walt, we went from crib to big-boy bed, with no toddler bed in between. I just didn’t think it would matter and it’s one less transition I need to worry about.

The bed arrived during Oscar’s birthday week, which made the timing perfect.  He was SO excited about it.  To prepare him, we gave him a gift to go with this bed:

We use this clock with Walt to keep him in bed in the mornings. It turns green when it’s “ok to wake”. Walt has always been an early riser (in some cases, pre-6:00). It’s not a magic wand. We had to coach and train a LOT with this clock. But, Oscar already talks about his clock turning green, so hopefully we’ve conquered part of the concept.

Here’s the moment he saw his bed for the first time:

I think Walt was just as excited for him!  The first night was not so bad. In fact, the first 2 or three nights were pretty seamless. Then he started to figure out he could get up.  I’ll say this much (blog truth: I’m writing this on July 8, even though it says June 21, so I have some future insights), in the grand scheme, he’s done pretty well. We are currently working on keeping him in his bed at actual bedtime (7-7:30). It takes lots of patience and even some tears (our latest tactic is to shut his door all the way and lock him in. He doesn’t like it, but usually 5 minutes of that is enough to keep him stayed put).  As for the mornings, it’s tough to complain about this. He’s naturally waking up between 6-6:30 (his clock turns green at 6:45). Lately, he’s staying in his bed at least until 6:30, then he either gets up and comes to visit Chris and I, or he goes into Walt’s room.  The truth is, I can handle 6:30.  We gently remind him to stay put until 6:45, but it’s not as much disciplining as the nighttime. With all of this, Walt is such a stud. He’s encouraging Oscar and does not at all mind the visitor he gets in the morning. He’s usually up anyways 🙂

Hopefully we are well on our way past this hurdle!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    SO SO cute! I am so nervous for this transition. major kudos on 1 crib for 3 kiddos 🙂


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