House Update #2 – Framed!

Two stories framed!

I realize it’s been almost two months since our previous house update, but their hasn’t been much to say. But, now there is!  It was a slow start. We just watched a dirt pile each week, then one day it was staked and we blinked and it was framed. Recall that we actually aren’t in a hurry to get the house done. In fact, the longer it takes the better (both for selling our current house and just trying to get past this newborn phase!)  However, we were anxious to see *some* progress. Now we can actually walk through it and see things we designed, which is SUPER exciting. There is a lot left to do and we’re looking at a March completion.  Here are a few more pics…

When we saw the first story framed, we got really excited!

As of today, we have exterior walls

With everything else that’s going on leading up until now, it’s been hard to be excited about the house. Not because it’s not exciting… there’s just been a lot to think about. Plus, they make you shell out a LOT of money before you get started and that doesn’t feel so great. I’ve never been real excited about writing big checks with nothing to show for it. NOW we have some proof and it’s getting really fun!

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