Walt is SIX

It is wild to me that for one of our kids I’m giving monthly updates and this big boy is already six years old! It seems like yesterday that I was doing monthly updates for him.  I remember all that free time I used to have 🙂

Walt had a whole weekend full of birthday activities.  We started off going to his school for Friday Morning Live, where he got to go on stage and do the birthday dance and the movement song (which just so happened to be “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Trolls…by Justin Timberlake).

On stage far left. He even wore a sweater!

This big 6 year old was so happy to have us there! (thank goodness!)

Now on to his actual birthday! We got to have his party ON his actual birthday. It was so fun, but a very crazy day. Walt’s party was at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center and they did a Blast Lab theme. Walt had a bunch of new friends from his Kindergarten class along with soccer buddies and some other close pals.
Walt and his buddy, Reed

Happy Birthday to our big guy!

Ready to blow up some stuff!
Walt, Jaelyn, and our silliest guy, Oscar

Walt with Jack and Thomas and Reed

Flying our rockets!
Outdoor blowing up – very messy!

The ol’ Mentos in a Coke bottle trick….

Learning about the physics of wind

Walt getting some grief from his buds

We came home and had our family over to celebrate Walt one more time. 

So, what makes up our six year old?
  • SPORTS – Walt loves sports. All sports. He’s constantly asking us to try new sports (like, say, hockey, karate, and most recently, football. YIKES). He just loves athletics.  I definitely wouldn’t categorize Walt as the best on any of his teams (he’s going to read this someday and think I’m a terrible person), but he’s got some natural talent. His size helps. He’s a head taller than most kids his age, and he WANTS to be good. He watches sports on TV and asks a ton of questions. Currently he plays soccer, baseball, and basketball. The sport he’s probably the best at? Golf. Luckily we’ll be on a golf course at the new house and hopefully we can get him in some lessons.
  • Kindness – Walt has a very high EQ. I don’t know this for sure, but just from watching him and observing him, I think he’s very aware of other people’s feelings. He generally always wants to be a helper and loves getting a task that allows him to help out. There are some exceptions to this, of course. While I think he’s a fabulous big brother most of the time, he certainly plays the big brother power card sometimes. He is also working on behaving well at school (but that doesn’t mean he’s not being kind!)
  • Learning – Walt is a little sponge. He’s always asking questions and has a real desire to learn. What we are working on is his learning environment. Walt gets in trouble (often) for having trouble controlling himself. I know that he gets excited and acts out and literally cannot stop himself. His folder gets signed at least once a week. The do-gooder in me is learning to accept this!
Walt no longer negotiates things at bed time (one more hug, i need to pee, can I have water?) and he’s completely autonomous getting ready in the morning and at night. He’s also an electronics master (as most 6 year olds these days are). He can navigate our TV/Netflix and he can also search the Guide (using reading for good, not evil!). This little trick is super handy on Saturday mornings so Chris and I don’t have to fly out of bed.  
We love this first child of ours so very much! He’s such a super awesome kid and he teaches us new things every single day. Welcome to 6, Walt!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    SIX?! wow. what a cool party idea!


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