Muffins with Mom

Y’all. I love Muffins with Mom. Maybe this is my most favorite school day of the whole year.  This time, I got to spend it 1-on-1 with my sweet little Oscar man.  His class sang us some songs, then they all thanked their mommies for something.  Talk about heart melting.  Oscar is animated beyond belief and has no problems performing. He was the first to orate his thank you and totally nailed it. Take a look:

Oscar did all the muffin eating, but afterwards we read some books. When it was time to go, he gave me a big hug and shoo’d me out the door so he could get back to business.  I love the BIG personality on Oscar. He makes us all laugh!

Reading books

This is Oscar 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    his “thank you”!!! so cute!


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