Boy oh Boy!!!

I can hardly believe it! Chris and I just found out this a.m. that we are having a bouncing baby boy in January! This is pretty big news for my inaugural post, so I suppose I should back up a few steps.

Chris and I found out back in May that we are expecting. Though thrilled beyond belief at this miracle, it hasn’t seemed very “real” until just today. (It’s even still very surreal). I’ve thought so many times about posting big announcements on Facebook (everyone knows I love me some FB!), but I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t feel like it was exciting enough (or maybe I felt like it was a little self-serving). In any event, I’m bursting with excitement now and just can’t even stand it.

Chris and I have been so extremely blessed during the pregnancy. It’s been relatively easy save for a few real icky days at the beginning, but the 2nd trimester has proven to be a piece of cake. Minus my desire to eat pretty much everything you put in front of me.

So, next steps are baby room, baby name, and some serious shopping for the little man! I also included Baby Boy Bruns’ first Internet appearance šŸ™‚

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  1. Allie E. says:

    Awesome! Love the blog, love the mama, and so excited for you guys!


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