Oh elastic, how I love thee

It’s really hard to beat the excitement of last week when we found out we’re having a boy. It certainly has taken us from just lolly-gagging around gloating that we’re pregnant into full-force planning mode. Last Saturday, my exceptional mother in law took me shopping for maternity clothes. I naively hoped that I could get by without true maternity clothes (at least for a long time) and shimmy my way into a handful of cheap Old Navy dresses. Well, a) my rotation of three dresses got real old real fast and b) the ol’ hair-tie-through-the-button-hole trick on my pants is definitely NOT working. I found this out the hard way – on a business trip. My poor pants were on the verge of falling off every time I stood up. So, Ms. Janie took me shopping. Here’s a look at the loot:

She is wonderful and I definitely feel like a new woman in clothes that actually fit like they are supposed to. I will say this much about maternity clothes: what is up with the sizing?!?!? Really? Small, medium, and large in a pair of pants. Honestly. Women are shaped too differently for this to be even close to accurate. Do the clothes makers think that magically women group into neat little size categories once they are pregnant? Dumb.

Also, I thought it might be fun to show everyone the growing belly. This first pic is me at 17 weeks (almost a month ago):
The second pic is me just last week at 20 weeks (the boy is GROWING!)And the lovely green wall I’m posing against is the future baby nursery. The room used to be Chris and I’s office/utility room. We had fun with it and painted it this ridiculously bright neon green color, that could literally be seen driving down the street. That all changes in the next week πŸ™‚

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  1. Kim Duncan says:

    Hi! Loving your blog and the super cute pictures! πŸ™‚

    That is so nice about your maternity wardrobe! Looks great! I wanted to let you know that Gap has great maternity jeans — with better sizing than small, medium, large!


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