How do you like us now, HGTV?!

Phew! After a nice, relaxing weekend in Gilmer, TX, Chris and I decided to labor on Labor Day and make some progress on the nursery.  What a project!  What I’m learning as an owner of an “older” home, is nothing in this house is as easy as “we’ll just paint the room.”   Not to mention, we have beautiful high ceilings in every single room in the house, but it literally doubles the surface area needed to paint.

So, here’s what we started with.  It used to be our “office”.  More like a utility room.  The green is literally radioactive.  You could see it from down the street (that’s not an exaggeration).  We could have kept the color, but we were afraid our baby would never sleep.

We had lots of grandiose ideas for this nursery. We thought an accent wall would be killer.  Chris is super artsy and loves color, so we both thought this would be great. Well, we totally chickened out.  We ended up with a camel color that is perfectly neutral and goes smashing with the bedding we have chosen. (The camera is not the best true representation).

Post-painting is when we realized the outlet covers were grotesquely out of date (back to Lowes).  And then the room just wasn’t complete without the furniture, so we called up the neighbor to help us move it in. Everything but the crib…

Actually, we have the crib done now, too.  We put it together last night… twice.  We knew it was way too easy. Four pieces and half an hour…and apparently a fraction of an inch bigger than the door frame. We couldn’t get it in the room.  We took it apart and did it again (this time in 20 minutes, so at least we’re improving).

Next stop… decor! Can’t wait to see some color in this room!

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