The Karate Kid

Somewhere between weeks 20-23, we went from little bubbles fluttering sporadically in my belly, to an occasional kick/jerk, to constant gymnastics and kung-fu moves!  Everyone kept asking around 18 weeks if I had felt “flutters”. It never felt like flutters to me. It felt like gas bubbles. Just something else to be excited about 🙂

Around 20 weeks it progressed into more kick-like motions, but it was very rare. Usually it happened while lying in bed reading my book.  Something happened this past week, and I’ve grown a MMA master!  This kid is active.  What’s probably most exciting is Chris felt the first kick earlier this week. It’s fun to actually feel something in there!  Sometimes it’s just wiggles and flips, but other times it’s full on karate chops.  Just a couple days ago, I was lying on the couch (don’t judge) and watched my belly pop and poke where he was moving. CRAZY! (and a little alien-like).

They (whoever “they” are) are totally on par when they  say that the 2nd trimester is the most fun.  Looking pregnant and feeling good, plus physically feeling the little peanut sure helps make it more real. 

Chris and I will be celebrating our “Baby-moon” (aka Baby-cation) next week in San Francisco. I’ can’t wait for the cooler weather, lots of walking and tons of food! 

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