First Baby, First Bone Fracture, First Surgery

Here’s the update after having seen my OB and a second orthopedic surgeon. I will say that my OB was less than sympathetic. She was very clinical and matter-of-fact.  I really needed some compassion!  Luckily, the 2nd orthopedic surgeon I went to was so great. His name is Dr. Keith Heier at Metrocrest Orthopedics in Carrollton.

Dr. Heier noted I broke my 5th metarsis (that bone on the outside of your foot) into a different zip code. On top of that, I’ve torn all the ligaments on the left side of my foot.  Dr. Heier never said I HAVE to get surgery. He did a great job of explaining my options.  The bottom line is without surgery now, my foot wouldn’t heal. The bone is too far away. It would be come manageable, but the timeline is very grey (4-6 months, likely). Additionally, he said my ligaments would be jacked.  So, I’d have to have surgery eventually, but if it made me crazy uncomfortable to do it while I was pregnant, I certainly did not have to have it.

As for surgery, Dr. Heier is going to repair both the bone in my foot as well as my ligaments.  For the bone, he puts two little screws going sideways to secure the bone back into the right zip code 🙂  For the ligaments, he “anchors” them back to the bone. The screws are tiny enough that they won’t need to be removed and the anchors dissolve over time.  He said the surgery should take about an hour.

I will get an epidural and something to “calm me down”.  The doc described the my state of mind as awake but not really alert (thank God).  In any event, I’m still bringing my iPod and Chris’s noise-canceling headphones.  As for pain meds, I can take narcotic-strength Tylenol (it’s basically Tylenol with hydracodone).  Also, they normally have patients take aspirin to avoid blood clots. I get to take something called Lovenox, which is injected into my side twice a day. YAY.

Also, this is normally a day surgery done at a surgery center, but b/c I’m preggs, the doc is doing it at Plano Presby and I’m staying overnight.  They want to monitor my blood pressure and heart (and the baby’s). So surgery is schedule for Thursday afternoon.

Doc said the recovery from the surgery is about 6 weeks, which seems very do-able.  So, the whole situation is not really ideal, but I feel like I”m in good hands and doing the best thing I can.  My goal is to be just like new by the holidays 🙂

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  1. Queen B says:

    omg, I didn't realize that was like “yesterday” Thursday when I read this morning. Hope all is going well for you and the li'l guy 🙂


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