Epic Sports Weekend!

What a sports-filled weekend it was in Dallas!  Too bad NONE of the outcomes were favorable for the Bruns’ household.  Luckily, we still managed to have a really good time.

Saturday we spent pretty much the entire day at Cowboys Stadium to root for the fightin’ Texas Aggies against the Arkansas Hogs. We were lucky enough to have a parking pass in a killer lot, PLUS my handicap tag. We were high-class tailgating for sure.  We took my college friend, Jessica, and Chris’s pal, Jed.  Jed is the master of all things tailgating. He had a tent, a mini-grill, and all the fixins’ for for some amazing bratwurst sandwiches!  Jess and I sat in the comfort of the shade– her with her mimosas and me with my ginger ale. It was a darn good time.

The grill masters (Chris is doning a Aggie shirt AND hat. Love.)

I’m smiling b/c this is BEFORE the game.

Love that we get to relive our college days at things like this! (ginger ale and all)

We’ve matured beyond beer to mimosas at a tail gate. High. Class.

No matter how high class we were, we were NOT as high class as the tailgaters next to us. They were grilling filet mignon and king crab legs!!! Even though they were Arkansas fans, they were super nice and offered us some crab legs, which were buttery and delicious!

We all know how the game ended, but thank goodness we had amazing seats (so we didn’t miss a single crappy play). And as always, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band did not disappoint.

After the Aggie’s heartbreaking loss, we drove home listening to the Rangers squelch away a lead to the Rays.  The sports failures continued on into Sunday with the Bronco’s dying a slow death to the Ravens, the Cowboys rolling over to the Titans and silly Vince Young, and the Rangers choking yet again.  My take on the whole thing (minus the Bronco’s loss), was Arlington was flat out cursed this weekend.

And in other news, my cast comes off in 11 days, but who’s counting. 🙂

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  1. Queen B says:

    complete crapola sports weekend 😦

    don't you just love A&M games PRE-game?! 😦


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