Not much of an update

It’s been over a week since my last post, mostly because I’ve had absolutely nothing interesting to say. I’m certain that can be argued for many of the previous posts (although, the foot injury post is very edge-of-your-seat!).

The past week has been nothing more than a routine… with a five-pound weight on my foot.  I cannot even begin to express how ready I am for this cast to come off.  I’ve made great progress from 3.5 weeks ago (when I had the surgery). I can walk easily with one crutch, and am pretty much crutchless around our house. Other than some random twinges of aches and pains, the foot and ankle aren’t a constant sore for me.  But, it’s not the walking around that has me frustrated. It’s stupid things like taking a shower and turning over in bed that make me crazy.  Can I not just hop in the shower?? NO. I have to put on my shower boot, carefully hoist my (pregnant) self in and out of the shower, and separately take a wash cloth (after the shower) and clean my crusty toes.  Don’t get me started about sleeping.  Imagine you have small weights duct taped to your foot/calf.  Now, try and turn over and not get caught in the covers.  Oh – and add a growing belly to this maneuver and we have an Olympic sport on our hands.  Although I’m beyond grateful for how well this whole process has gone, I am absolutely, 100% ready for it be over!

As for the little man — he’s nothing less than a super stud. If any of this has affected him, I’ll probably never know. He continues to kick the living snot out of me.  I’m grateful every time I feel a tumble, kick, pounce and jerk.  We are fast approaching the alien stage where you can see my belly move when he moves.  For now it’s just “pops” that you see, but I can tell when he rolls around and my belly does a fun little wave.

Friday I will post a pic after the cast removal and I have a new belly pic. We’re growing at rapid speeds, Batman!

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  1. Queen B says:

    hang in there 🙂

    sounds like the li'l guy is just showing off that both of his feet are in perfect shape… the better to kick you with!


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