Halloween Fun!

Last weekend we took part in tons of Halloween activities.  It was such a gorgeous day last Saturday, so I rode around in the golf cart with Chris, while him and his buddy, Jed, played golf.  Hopefully soon, I’ll be swinging the club again! (Swinging and making contact with the ball is a whole other animal).

The country club was hosting a carnival that afternoon, so we invited up my sister, brother-in-law, and their kiddos to enjoy the fun.  I LOVED seeing all the little ones dressed up and having a good time. I even attempted to eat a caramel apple.  How do people eat those things!? Its like biting into an overchewed piece of gum (but much more delicious).  I think I made it through six bites before I was sure a tooth was coming out, so I stopped.

Here are some pics of Kathy and Greg’s munchkins:

Jameson in his race car driver outfit. Toothless and all!
You do NOT need teeth to enjoy a scrumptious hot dog! (Jaelyn was a fairy/Tinkerbell)

Hit of the carnival: the bounce house. Looks like it’s eating my head!
 Jameson jumping off the scary bounce house, while Jaelyn is face planted.

Much better
Jaelyn lost a shoe with all the jumping 🙂

Our friends, Jason and Brandi McDonald were there too with their son, Walker. I think all the kids had fun. 🙂

Physical therapy starts tomorrow (yikes!), and my baby shower is this weekend (yay!), and I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow (how the heck did that happen??).

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  1. Queen B says:

    cute! good luck with physical therapy 🙂 I'm sure that will be TONS of fun.

    I have turned into “an adult” in my approach to caramel apple consumption. I cut it into wedges. mmmmmmmmm


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