He has a name!

Walter “Walt” Hill Bruns

Chris and I are very proud to announce that we have a name for the little man!  I was forewarned by many of my mommy friends that picking a name would be one tough chore. Boy, were they right!  There are so many things to consider such as:

  • What nicknames will a given name spawn?
  • What will this name sound like when he’s 18, 25, 40, etc?
  • Do the initials stand for anything crass or crude?
  • Do we LIKE the name??

Chris and I talked a lot about several different names.  Our criteria for all names was about the same… we wanted a classic, yet unique name (that’s a tough combo). We also wanted the name to mean something. Whether that was just the meaning behind the name or some sort of family significance.  The family significance thing brings up a whole new set of variables. We are both VERY close to and very proud of our families, so it was tough to not feel like we needed to pull from both sides of the family. This was probably harder for me to wrap my head around. My general mentality in life is very fair and equal. Tit for tat, if you will.  But, the bottom line was it doesn’t really matter what his name is once he gets here.  We can call him “peanut” for the rest of his life and love it. 🙂

So, what IS the meaning? Chris had been saying “Walter” from the beginning… just out of the blue. I immediately wrinkled my nose and said it sounded like an old man.  Somewhere down the line, we started using “Walt” versus “Walter”.  Now, this I liked!  And, there’s a huge list of famous Walts and Walters (Walt Whitman, Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, etc). So, then comes the middle name. Hill is Chris’s dad’s middle name and his grandmother (Memaw’s) maiden name.  Memaw was always like a grandmother to me and I completely adore Chris’s dad. I also liked the “uniqueness” of the middle name.

That is what is in a name! With every passing day we are more and more anxious to meet Walt!

30 weeks!

Here’s my latest belly pic for now 🙂

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