A Few of our Favorite Things!

Walt is now six weeks old (holy cow, didn’t I just give birth to him?).  In his six full weeks of life he (and I) have discovered some favorite things.  Spending all day (and night) together, you start to latch on to those things that bring consistency. After our favorites, I’ll gloat about all the fabulous things Walt does now at six weeks of age.

1. Happiest Baby on the Block — I have read and read and read and pick and choose advice from everything I’ve read. This book came recommended from our pediatrician and it is spot on!  Is Walt the happiest baby? Not all the time, but we know how to chill him out and thanks to this book I can do on helluva swaddle!

2.  Swaddle blankets — Speaking of swaddling, these receiving blankets were a gift from my dear friend, Allie, and she forewarned that they were the best. THEY ARE.  The key: They are 40×40 and square. Most other blankets are 30×30 or they are rectangular. Both make for a difficult wrap (especially with a chunkster).  These Dwell Studio from Target rock (of course they don’t carry them anymore).

3. White Onesies — what a simple thing, you say?  One simple thing we had NONE of when we got home from the hospital.  We have since taken stock in a ton of them.  Walt sleeps in one every night and I have no problem with him spitting up or pooping on them.  I recently bought the next size up and got “organic”. Not that I’m a fabric snob, but the organic are so cozy and soft!

4. Tap light — this was a tip from my friend, Janna.  I use the tap light during my middle-of-the-night feedings and I get just enough light to not stick a nipple in Walt’s eye and  not change his diaper and accidentally fasten it to his head.

5. Glider — I’ve professed my endless love for this thing. Not really sure what I’d do without it. Perhaps crawl in Walt’s crib with him.

  6.  Dad’s home! — a fun time of day for both Walt and I 🙂 Once Daddy gets home, they take up shop on the couch (see photo) and Mom finishes all the things she started throughout the day. Amazing that I can wrap up all the chores in about 40 min and it took me all day to get them going. 

 7. Glass of Wine — pretty much daily.  Don’t judge me.

Those are a few of our favorite things! Now, more about the Walt-Man. 

  • He has definitely started socially smiling. He does it more and more each day. It seems the sillier the voice I use, the bigger the grin I get 🙂  
  • Tummy time — Walt pretty much hates this.  We give it a shot every day and we’re doing good to not scream during the first 3 minutes. As a result, he has rolled over almost every single time I’ve stuck him on his tummy. He hates it that much.
A rare moment on our tummy that we don’t hate life

On our way to rolling over. Get me off my tummy!
  • And finally, we have begun to take a bottle! Walt has only done it a few times, but it has opened up a whole new world for mommy! I enjoyed helping hostess my friend, Stori’s, baby shower on Saturday and was gone a large chunk of the day without the worry of feeding.  Chris is a natural 🙂

So, there’s the six-week update! I am halfway through my maternity leave and can hardly believe that. I am having a hard time imagining life that involves getting up and ready (with makeup) before 8 a.m., but we’ll tackle that in six more weeks. 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Allie E. says:

    Love the list – especially the swaddle blankets and the wine 🙂 Walt is such a sweet little dude – I hope to meet him soon!


  2. Queen B says:

    I love this! I'm bookmarking it for use at some later, later, later date 😉

    I would say a glass of wine a day helps maintain some sanity. get it, girl!


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