A Face Like Mommy? Daddy?

When we were in Gilmer a couple weeks ago, I asked for some baby pics of Chris. Of course, Nana was more than happy to oblige.  So, here we go. Here are pictures of Chris and me as babies and then a couple more of the Walt Man.  You decide who he looks more like.  Walt’s eyes are starting to turn brown, but we can’t tell if they will be light (Chris) or dark (me).  I will say that the reigning resemblance is going to Chris (I agree), but when comparing the baby pics, I see a little bit of both. What do you think?

Chris at 4 months
Chris at 6 months
Nicole at 3 months
Walt – 2 months
Seriously, where are the lips from???
I absolutely love when he sticks out his tongue!
Walt’s new friends

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  1. Actually, I can't decide who he looks more like. I think he's a good combo of the two of you! 🙂


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