I’m gonna miss…

In honor of my last few days at home with the Munka Man, I thought I’d share all the things that I will miss.  Of course I will miss the little guy the most! Like our special times playing and feeding. That totally goes without saying. But, I have developed some shameless passions while staying at home. Here goes… I’ll miss…

  1. No make-up (not even a smidge. I have no shame)
  2. My daytime tv routine (Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The View, *crap from 11-2*, Nate Berkus, Ellen, Oprah, News)
  3. NAPS (though I’ve pretty much fazed these out, it’s so nice to have the option!)
  4. Lunch dates — Walt and I have met so many of our friends (including Daddy) for lunch on several occasions. He’s a champ.
  5.  Yoga pants — this pretty much was my wardrobe unless we went out somewhere

I am so lucky b/c my work is so flexible, but I’m still anxious about getting me ready and Walt (along with his slew of stuff) and out the door at decent time.  I know it’ll just take some practice.

Day 2 at day care visitation was excellent. The teachers were so great with Walt and he was so good!  He didn’t even cry during his nap…he just laid there and looked around.  They got him to sleep for about 45 minutes (in a foreign setting was pretty awesome!)

Can’t wait to spend the weekend with this little man 🙂

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