Hi-ho! It’s off to work I go!

Well, it seems I have survived my first week back at work (almost).  What a week it has been.  Overall the transition is going relatively smoothly. I am not a huge fan of getting up in the 6 o’clock hour in order to be ready before Walt.  I’m also not a fan of getting up that early and still not getting to work until 8:30 or 9. It’s like I want to tell everyone I’ve been up since 6 and should get a medal.   I also do not like the massive amounts of CRAP that I lug with me everywhere.  Packing up my car in the morning is a trip. I even had a co-worker comment that I looked like a pack mule.  The load includes

  1. Walt’s bag with bottles (and normally extra clothes b/c he’s the spit-up and drool king)
  2. My laptop bag
  3. My lunch bag
  4. My purse
  5. The pump backpack
  6. Most importantly, my travel coffee mug 🙂

What I have enjoyed this week is what a total champ Walt is!  He is one happy little baby. The day care said he’s super friendly and smiles a lot. The only time I saw him cry was the first day I picked him up and he was between naps.  Also, even though I don’t like getting up early to get ready, it has felt really good to put makeup on and “dress up”.  It makes me feel good 🙂

When I got to work on Monday, I reviewed my wipeoff board from the day before Walt was born. I created this to keep my co-workers abreast of my activities (not at all knowing I’d not only be gone for the weekend, but for three months….

See what was added at the bottom??  It says “Have baby”.  LOL… someone knew that unless it ended up on my task list, that it wasn’t happening.  So, thanks for that.

Also, I’ve sung my praises of the Wellness Room at work. It’s the private room I go to pump that is equipped with a mini-fridge and sink. It’s nice to not have to lug my breast milk all over the office. Don’t know why that oogs me.  I’m sure it would frighten many of my male co-workers. 

On my way to the Wellness Room (which is QUITE the hike from my cube), I passed this:

Who knew work was so fun!?!!  I’m curious if people actually use this.

I’ve got an update coming with the Monkey’s 3-month pics, but here’s one for now:

hello ladies!!

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  1. Queen B says:

    CONGRATS on making it back to work. I know that could not have been an easy hurdle, but it sounds like you and Walt are handling it like total champs!

    loving' the Aggie bib! Whoop!


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