Our Favorite Things: Part II

Now that I’m a full-fledged working mom, I took a look at our baby inventory and realized what I loved 3 months ago has evolved.  Don’t get me wrong, our first set of favorite things was absolutely essential at the very beginning.  We just have a new set of faves.  So, here goes.

1. The Bottle Rack.  It’s the simplest little invention. Just a plastic frame with notches to hang things. But, boy oh boy, is this thing handy! When I get home from work, I dump all my bottles in a big silver bowl of hot soapy water, rinse, and hang here over night. This particular rack holds the pump parts quite nicely as well. Perhaps the best $19.99 I’ve spent so far 🙂

2. Bottle Labels : These little things were recommended from my friends Janna and Gina (both, ironically, from Tyler).  They are the BEST.  During Walt’s first week of school, I fumbled with tape (which promptly crumbled from the bottle upon washing), and permanent marker (again, couldn’t survive a good washing). These little plastic guys not only display Walt’s name loud and proud, but the color is a dead giveaway.

3. The Angel Care Monitor: A while back, I totally panicked when Walt decided he had the ability to flip from his back to his belly. I know it seems silly, but everything you read says your baby will die on his belly (more or less). So, out of fear and fear alone, I bought this motion-detecting monitor. There’s a sensor you put under their mattress in the crib.  I must say, I love this thing! We probably love that it shows the temperature in his room the most.   It is actually a great sound monitor too. All in all, a smart purchase.
4. The Rear-View Mirror Mirror: I definitely did not think I wanted nor needed this contraption.  It’s basically a mirror that lets you see your rear-facing baby in your rear-view mirror. Overall, Walt is a total champ in the car. Not sure if it’s b/c I toted him around from such a young age (he’s like an accessory for me!), but he does so good in the car. BUT, there are moments. It’s nice to glance back to see if he’s quiet b/c he’s sleeping or b/c he’s not breathing. And the mirror is helpful in maneuvering the “over the shoulder, reach behind, insert passy” move.
 3.  The Bumbo Seat!:  Last week when I dropped Walt off at day care, the sweet teacher took him from my arms and plopped him in a Bumbo seat. My jaw went straight to the ground. I had no idea he had the muscle strength to sit in it! Turns out, he LOVES being big and sitting in this! For those of you unfamiliar, the Bumbo is a seat that supports babies before they can sit on their own. I realize this is a short-lived asset, seeing as once he can sit up, it’s rendered useless. For now, it’s super fun!
Another fun surprise, is Walt just loves to sit in this and POOP. Seriously.  Nine times out of 10, I sit him down in here and within five minutes I hear a rumble.  Perhaps this a precursor to potty training … HAHAHAHA!
That’s our list just shy of four months into this.  I’m sure six months will roll around, and we’ll have a new batch of favorites. Until then, we’re loving the little guy and all his antics.  I’ll leave you with a silly pic 🙂
Walt is gaining control of his hands, and now attempts to grab the camera when I try and take pictures. He’s already warding off the papparazzi!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Queen B says:

    Love how the list evolves as you/he evolve. such a cutie pie 🙂


  2. I love your favorite things posts! Would you believe that out of all the things you listed, the only thing we also own is the car mirror? I think it's so interesting how different things work for different moms and babies! 🙂 I love to see what works well for you and cutie pie Walt.


  3. Kim Duncan says:

    Love it! That is a great list of favorites, Nicole! I love the bottle rack, car mirror, and bumbo chair too! The bumbo also makes a great travel high chair for when Walt starts eating spoon food. Henry has the cute “My daddy rocks” outfit, too — what adorable boys we have! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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