Must-Discuss TV!

Is it ironic that in my last post, I said I don’t watch a lot of TV, but this post is all about TV??  It’s true, I don’t have a lot of shows that I watch. My “normal” schedule involves a full day’s work and usually school, but now I’ve added a baby on top of all it. Not a whole lot of time to sit on the couch and enjoy TV. BUT, I love the shows I do watch and consider them my little escapes from reality.

Being this is finale week, I just needed to a forum to comment on everything! Facebook just isn’t enough. So here goes:

1. American Idol
What a fabulous season this has been! It’s odd, b/c I can’t say I’m truly “in love” with any of the contestants, but they are all ridiculously talented. With the exception of Jacob, I’ve really enjoyed the top 10 or so. I will also say that Scotty has annoyed the living crap out of me…. until two weeks ago. I’m not sure what changed,but I thought his performance of “Where Were You” a couple weeks ago was touching, and his hometown visit pulled at ALL my heart-strings.  I think Lauren is adorable, but I think she’ll be best suited in a group like Lady A, Sugarland, or Gloriana.  My official vote? I keep wavering, but right now it’s Scotty 🙂

2. The Biggest Loser
I know this show is always the same stories over and over and over again. Emotionally and physically broken people get their lives back when they find themselves and lose 100+ pounds. Despite the cookie-cutter recipe, I just love everything this show is about.  I’ve been especially touched by Hannah and Olivia, the sisters. I think the fact that they are SO CLOSE has touched me. My vote to win? I love Olivia 🙂  My at-home winner? I hope Courtney shows up looking SMOKIN’. She had lost 100 lbs on her own before joining the show where she lost another 100 lbs. She’s a force!

3. The Oprah Winfrey Show
I can’t say I’m an avid Oprah watcher (certainly not before I stayed home for three months with Walt). But, I’ve always liked Oprah’s ideas, I’ve read some of her book recommendations, and she’s always uplifting women (I’m not a feminist, but like female champions).  The end of her 25 years is the end of an era. Kinda like how I watched the last episode of Seinfield, but never religiously watched the show.  Her star-studded event should be fascinating, and I’m sure her final show on Wed. will bring me to tears.

4. Glee!!
Where are my fellow Gleeks!?  I truly believe this is one of the best shows on television…not just this season, but potentially ever.  They cover so many important and real topics with such poise and grace (i.e. the sex talk with Kurt and his dad was brilliant).  But, I also love how amid the tough topics, there is so much positivity and, duh, song and dance. It’s beautiful!  The past several episodes I’ve teared up.  The season finale will be in NYC, which is now mixing so many of my favorite things.  I am a little on the fence on the original songs, but we’ll see how it’s executed.  Can’t wait!

5. The Office
This season finale was last week. This is not a show I normally watch on a regular basis. In fact, most of The Office that I’ve seen has been in syndication. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this show. I love all the characters. We’ve been watching this season mostly out of curiosity as to how the whole Michael leaving thing would unfold.  Honestly, for as much as I love Will Ferrell, I was underwhelmed by his performance.  He had funny parts, but I don’t think he stole the show at all. I certainly thought the finale episode where they interviewed new managers to be very comical. Check out all the candidates and even vote for your fav: My favorite candidate? Probably James Spader’s character (CREEPY!) or Jim Carey (a favorite actor of mine). We’ll see what happens next season.

And finally, as most shows wrap up until September (nearly four months from now!), another fantastic favorite is starting:

This show never fails to entertain and normally elicits lots of tears from me!

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  1. Queen B says:

    can't wait for SYTYCD return!

    AI – yeah, I'm not a crazed fan of any of them, but it's been a good season of talent. I am not a fan of the new judging panel because really, there has been very little judging. I have vowed to remove it from my dvr list next season….

    BL – again, had vowed to remove it from my dvr list next season because I'm not a huge fan of the new trainers. But did you see that Anna Kournikova has signed on to be a trainer? I do LOVE the inspirational quality of the show, cookie-cutter or not.


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