Surprises and "Well, Duh’s"


The past two weeks are, and continue to be, really, really, super challenging as a working mommy of a four month old. The poor little Monkey has had a cold for two weeks that has progressed to bronchiolitis. As many of you have seen from Facebook, we are trying anything and everything to get him better. There have been many a sleepless nights in the Bruns’ household!

Since I’ve been spending so much time staring at the Munks, I thought I’d share two lists with you. The first being things that have surprised me about Walt. The second are things that I pretty much expected all along. Enjoy!


  • Light-colored hair / not a lot of it — I was CERTAIN Walt would come out with a full head of brown hair. Chris has very very dark brown hair, and I have a true Italian’s thick head of brown hair.  Instead, Walt’s is thin-ish and very light… almost red??? I know his hair can fall out and change, but for now, this is bizarre to me.
  • Green eyes —  Again, I know his eyes don’t necessarily stop changing color until 9-12 months, but this was another area I was certain we’d have a brown-eyed baby. I have dark brown and Chris has light brown eyes. If my 9th grade biology serves me right, I’m pretty sure these are dominant. Welp, not our baby!  Walt’s eyes are this awesome shade of gray/blue/green/gold.  I actually think they are most similar to his cousin, Mitchell!  They certainly are gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind them staying just like they are.
  • Loves TV  — this is definitely random. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV and I certainly don’t sit down and watch it when Walt’s around b/c it’s too hard to pay attention to! Although, it’s sometimes on in the background. And, boy, if that TV is on, Walt stops everything he’s doing and starrrrrrreeeeessssss……  Chris teases that we’re going to put a TV in his room (one thing I am strongly against!) so that he will be quiet when he wakes up at night.

Well Duh!

  • Long and lean — ok, this is pretty obvious. Chris definitely has this build, and I suppose I’m tall-ish for a girl. My oldest sister is 5’10” and also long and lean. So, there was lots of potential here.
  • LOVES being on the go — Walt is extremely social. He loves to be out-and-about and really enjoys being around people. He is never shy to flash his gummy grin at strangers (these days: doctors and nurses). He truly adores being outside in any form or fashion, and does exceptionally well in the car. This on-the-go trait is totally me. I rarely can just sit still.

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  1. Stefanie says:

    So sorry Walt isn't feeling well:( I hope he feels better soon and you all start getting more sleep. Our ped. told us their eyes can change all the way up to 4 years old. They are so much fun, aren't they!


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