Walt finds his inner soprano

No, I don’t mean his inner Italian. We’re waiting for that (fist pump or GTL we hope will be avoided… but who are we to judge?). Walt has developed a very controlled squeal (or screech) that he often emits when he’s very contently playing. He is most content while in his activity center (or “roundabout”, as Chris calls it).

Editors note: Walt is wearing socks (when it’s hot as you-know-what) because he got blisters from running around this thing barefoot. No lie.

In other news, our fabulous eater went from trying everything to eating nothing (except milk).  There was a very bizarre incident with some sweet potatoes (which I’ve chalked up to a sweet potato intolerance after reading many incidents like this: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/381259/sweet-potato-allergy). I’m wondering if a) he’s getting too much milk now that he’s mostly a formula baby and still eating the same frequency as when he was 100% breast milk or b) if the exorcist-like vomiting from the sweet potatoes has him scared into eating anything?  This is the face I get with all food, followed by tightly pursed lips.

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  1. Oh, he is soooo cute! Can't wait to see y'all! And that roundabout thing is the coolest thing ever! I've never seen one of those!!! Asher would have a hay day in that thing! And I totally commiserate with you on the food issues. Definitely lots to chat about next week 🙂


  2. Queen B says:

    LOL. Love that face


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