Family Road Trip to Austin

Last weekend, The Bruns family met the McClure Family (Jeff, Janna, Cash (3.5), Blake (1)) just outside Austin to celebrate a milestone birthday for Jeff.  I took my camera, which was a feat in and of itself.  My parents were always terrible about bringing their camera (our family photo albums consist of Christmas and July 4th pictures…nothing in between except for a few birthday pics). 🙂  So, I’m trying to be better about documenting things. The problem is, I’m not like many of my uber talented friends who can “SEE” the Kodak moments as they unfold.  Again, I’m lucky to even have my camera nearby. Thank goodness for the iPhone and a great camera in that.

All that was just to say that I didn’t snap a whole lot of pictures that properly paint a picture of the weekend. In retrospect, it’s probably because we spent a LOT of time chasing little ones all over the place, coordinating naps, juggling feedings, etc.  The weekend was a ton of fun and we sure love spending time with other families with children.  However, I would in no way classify this as a vacation 🙂 Just a really fun, busy weekend.

Janna teaching Walt some letters 🙂

These two stinkers had fun together! Walt is almost as big as Blake!

Walt trying to run. Blake insisting he stay. And so begins his life with women!

Checkers? Is it Jeff’s 80th birthday

All the kiddos!

Lucky for the adults, the little ones all were in bed by 7/7:30, which left a nice evening for the adults complete with wine, whiskey, and board games.  The boys enjoyed lots and lots of golf, which is just how Jeff wanted to spend his birthday. It was a great trip!

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  1. Queen B says:

    Looks like fun! the kids are so cute 🙂


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