Lock the Cabinets… Walt is A’scootin’!

I have so many posts this week, so they might be a little out of order.  Today is Walt’s 7-month birthday, but I’ll blog about what he’s doing later in the week along with some cute photos. Also, Grammy Girls did a memorable brunch yesterday (with babies), so there’s more to come about that later this week, too.

For now, it’s worth telling everyone that Walt SHOCKED us yesterday with a crazy milestone.  Lately, he’s been showing signs of scooting when he’s on his belly. He easily turns himself 360 degrees, but doesn’t really move outwards…until now!  In a true Kodak moment, we actually caught Walt getting on all fours for the very first time on camera (when does that EVER happen?).  Right around the :25 mark is when he shows off. You can tell by my voice I’m both elated and terrified 🙂

This one you can see him army crawl close to the end of the clip, followed by a b-boy move 🙂

We’ve been talking about baby proofing the house, but I think now is officially the time. Once he figures out how to get moving on his hands and knees, there’s no stopping this kiddo!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yay, Walt! I'm so impressed. I think he might be “advanced” 🙂


  2. Lauren says:

    Awww…so cute!! I love his little sounds!


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