Walt is Seven Months!

So, Walt’s seven month’s old. Really? How in the world? It’s funny to think that seven months is 3/4 the way through a pregnancy. Just a year ago we were on the verge of finding out whether the little shrimp in my belly was a boy or a girl. Time is definitely flying. My friend, Stori, and I marvel at how it seems like we were pregnant approximately one million years ago. Seems like a totally different time in my life… probably because it was 🙂

On to the star of the post.Here’s what the Munka Man is up to these days, and pics from his modeling session 🙂

  • As you saw from my previous post, Walt is definitely inching around.  I think he gets more practice with this at school because our house has hardwoods and not a lot of rugs. He does have one big rug he likes to scoot around on.
  • Despite having the ability to scoot/pull/inch, Walt still isn’t the biggest fan of being on his tummy to play.  He’ll do it now and then, but he definitely gets bored/frustrated the fastest in this position.
  • He is an accomplished “sitter”.  This sort of happened overnight. One minute I was constantly saving him from tossing himself backwards, and the next he was catching himself.  He will contently sit and play with toys (for now).
  • He eats!!!!!!  Walt started out loving food, then quickly decided he HATED food. Now, I think we are back on the food bandwagon.  There’s a few easy things I’ve made, but mostly we stick to store-bought foods.  He’s a sucker for fruits, but we can usually “encourage” the consumption of vegetables if there is a fruit involved.
  • He’s afraid of the blender. This is a new discovery.  If any of you have met Walt, you know he’s pretty chill and happy. Turn on the blender and you get full on meltdown!
  • Teeth galore! Dr. G attributed Walt’s aversion to food to teeth. In hindsight, I completely agree. Walt has two teeth on bottom and has FOUR (yup, four), coming in at the SAME time on top. Dr. G said the upper teeth can be more problematic. Well, at least he’s getting them out of the way!
He’s eyeing the camera. It looks delicious.

The happy 7-month old!

Showing off his sitting skills

It is literally impossible to take this kid’s picture without drool 🙂

Crooked smile…

There’s that camera again. And more drool.

Smiley on his tummy. Walt inched his way to the teething ring in about 5.4 seconds.

It’s so rare that we take pics with anyone BUT Walt (or Walt and other babies). So, we are trying to get better at that.  Here’s me and the Munka having a good time 🙂

Is there any doubt that these dudes are best buds!?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Queen B says:

    aw 🙂

    I love his smile…
    ….his Republican hair comb…
    …and when he scoots – so adorable


  2. Lauren says:

    I just think he's adorable!!


  3. Walt, you are so cute! Asher is very glad you're his friend 🙂


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